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Happy Launch Event

Thank you everyone for attending our happy apéro in Viadukt. It was a very important first step for us, your participation and great responses breathed life into our voyage. We made it a happy thing! For more warm and fuzzy collaborations to come.

Alpakahof Pünt

Our scarf The Alpaca is made of 100% swiss alpaca yarn sourced from Alpakahof Pünt. The color you see on the scarf – Beige, white and grey are all original natural colors of the happy alpacas! After shearing the alpacas got to enjoy summer without getting too warm, their wool was then spun in Thurgau by Karden und Spinnen GmbH. 

Fun fact, here are the names of the Alpacas who contributed their fluff: Benji, Anouk, Kolbi, Marlon, Daisy, Bounty, Danny, Capper, Duke, ET, Jasmin, Rina and Snowflake. Yes, it's team work, we need a lof of fluff from them to produce our 20 scarves. This is also why it's challenging to work regionally in small scale, we designed our scarves according to how much of each color we can get, to achieve the volume and dimension we want.

How its made
How it's made

We spent more than a year designing and developing the collection, and we documented it. Follow our insta where we will further elaborate the process of traditional shaft loom weaving. 

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