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Photo by Mark Ruoss

We are Lui and Domi, a design duo from Zurich. Chi Lui Wong (b. Hong Kong 1989) is a scientific illustrator and Dominique Schmitz (b. Zurich 1990) is a graphic designer. 

Impermanence in the past two years allowed us to reflect on our supply chain and how we vote with our Rappen in every purchase, therefore we repositioned ourselves, took the challenge to venture in and explore possibilities in genuine local apparel. For us, true luxury is being able to work with the resources that we have. It's wonderful to be at a short commute distance by public transport with our makers, the intimate and close collaboration gives integrity and allows us to stand behind every stitch of the fabric. 


And then we pushed it a little bit more to complete the quest. It's not easy for a small production to find packaging solutions not from a far far away land, therefore we developed our own and produced them here in Zurich. It's been a long process of problem-solving in tiny baby steps, but it pushed us to get creative, as limitation has always been the source of ingenuity.


We are happy to present the Zurich Collection this fall, now we can say it is possible. We are continuing our work and keep seeking astounding Swiss makers for more collaborations to come – limited production of exquisite quality Swiss-made products. 

Make it a happy thing!

Love from your happy team,
Lui and Domi

If you're a maker and interested in working with us, write us an email!
Not a maker, but you have strange ideas about what we can do next, you know what to do.
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