Make it a happy thing!

Oh well, things do not go according to plan this year, events get cancelled, exhibitions go virtual, celebrating birthdays on screen, getting married with cardboard guests. On the other hand, while we are stressing about things that we cannot control, we realized these are as well moments, just like any other moments when things are going smooth, un-repeatable and rare. "Ichi-go Ichi-e", a Japanese cultural concept explains just that, it means one chance in a lifetime. Each moment, each gathering, each circumstance is unique, it will never happen again, not in the exact setting, not the same conversation.

It is hard yes, but in nature, this is the normal, changes are normal. We decided to make it a happy thing, that is the attitude we decided to park our thoughts in at the moment. Establishing this brand is our happy little accident. We thought, if we were to wear masks, we might as well produce some pretty looking ones.

We managed to produce this small production of 500 fabric masks that we love, we hope you enjoy them, and as always, adapt, overcome, make it a happy thing!

Your Happy Team

Kayan, Lui and Domi

Who are we?

We are a tiny business based in Zurich selling limited productions of happy maker products. Our masks are reusable fashion face masks with filter slots. The sleeve can be washed after each use and it comes with 30 pieces of melt-blown filter fabric for extra protection. Small production of maximum 50 pieces for each design!

Technically speaking

We have two kinds of materials, cotton and pro. Cotton is lighter and has higher breathability. The Pro is made of water repellent Korean Nylon for more protection.

Note: This mask is not medical grade and not intended for professional medical use. However it provides more protection than regular fabric masks when used together with filters.

Made in Hong Kong and Zürich with ❤️

We work with loving and trustworthy small textile businesses in Hong Kong, small production, much attention. We communicate directly to our makers who sew your mask to ensure quality and integrity.